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The historic Overland Hotel was built in 1908 by Dan Griffith, a local pioneer. George Sherman, a popular politician and civic leader, was the establishments’ second owner, and is credited with putting the hotel "on the map." Sherman served as Fallon's Mayor from 1911 to 1915, followed by a term as state assemblyman. During his tenure as owner, Sherman played an integral part in originating Fallon’s electric company as well as Churchill County's telephone system (CC Communications).

Located on America’s First Transcontinental Highway, the Lincoln Highway, the Overland became the destination of all walks of life: from ditch diggers and local ranchers, to politicians, civic leaders and weary travelers. In addition, the Newlands Reclamation Project, the first federal irrigation project in the US, was underway. Also known as "Uncle Sam’s Nine Million Dollar Farm," the project brought prosperity and population to the Lahontan Valley, making the Overland a popular stopping place. The hotel was recognized as Fallon’s finest.

As the years passed the Overland had a series of owners, who altered the interior design and decor. After a 24 year ownership by Carol Harper, George Machado purchased the hotel in May of 1996. George a long time Fallon resident was fascinated by the brick structure and began the Overland’s restoration to its original state. 




Restoration 2
All of the additions were removed, the linoleum was pulled up and the wood floors were refurbished. The dropped overheads were torn out and the original 12-foot high wooden ceilings were exposed and restored.
Restoration 3

Overland Hotel Nevada Register of Historical Places

The goal to restore a bit of Fallon’s history was successful, and the efforts were rewarded when the Overland Hotel was added to the Nevada Register of Historic Places on November 4, 1999.

Today, the HOTEL, RESTAURANT, SALOON and catering services keep our employees busy seven days a week.

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